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Children's Christmas Chaos Cafe in Sulby raised an amazing £316.30 for the Charity.  Thank you to all involved in particular Mr. & Mrs. Lole who opened up their home and created this wonderful event.


Nedgroup Investments very kindly donated funds to the Charity at Christmas in lieu of a secret Santa.  A generous £95 for the charity.  Every penny counts.


Bucket collection after a performance of Glee at the Gaiety Theatre in November raised £67.00.  Thanks to all who kindly helped.

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The most direct way of supporting us is by making a donation. We carefully monitor all of our operations to make sure that all donations go straight to our projects and their beneficiaries. We do not waste your money on administration or merchandising.


There are a variety of ways of making donations.

  • By regular direct debit
  • One-off annual contributions
  • Fundraising
  • Remember us in your will

Call Georgie on 07624 485999 or contact us using our online contact form to find out more about how to make your payment to the charity.  Thank you.



Over the past two years SKILS has been very fortunate to have had some very keen followers who have raised significant amount of funds for the Charity.  Some of their ideas have been very innovative!  We are very grateful to everyone of them and for every penny the charity receives.  Please keep supporting SKILS....



SKILS was one of 20 fortunate Manx charities to receive an incredible £2000 from Peel Charity Shop recently.  The volunteers work tirelessly and raise an unbelievable amount of funds each year, distributing them to very worthwhile causes.  Georgie Revill is in the middle of this crowd looking very pleased.  Like the other recipients she was given two minutes to inform those present about the Charity's activities and how the funds would be used.  Please support Peel Charity Shop by taking your unused items there - they help so many worthy causes. 



The donation of a huge pumpkin (19 stone) made Georgie Revill (Skils) & Belinda Leach (MNFU) spring into action with a charity pumpkin soup event down Laxey Glen Mill to raise both awareness and money for SKILS. Due to the fact it was so near Halloween and half term it was decided to decorate the Mill including the staff and helpers and provide a spooky tour round the Mill for adults and children. A variety of different flavours of pumpkin soup were made along with homemade bread & cheese sandwiches, the bread donated by Ramsey Bakery & the cheese from Isle of Man Creamery. By the end of the 4 hours some £468 was raised.



The Lole/Edmond's family very kindly opened up their home just after Christmas and transformed their dinning room into a cosy cafe.  People were invited to the 'cafe' for lunch and/or afternoon tea.  All the food was made and served by local children.  It was a HUGE success.  This is NOT the first time this family has been so generous to SKILS.  They opened up their home two years ago with the charity benefiting from the proceeds.  This year a MEGA £316.30 was raised.  Thank you!  This will go towards fees for a student wishing to attend Myerscough College in September 2014.



Andrew Lodge, Managing Director, Nicky Kennett, Relationship Manager and Simon Spenser, Relationship Management at their offices presenting a rather large cheque to Georgie Revill, Chairman of SKILS.  Nedgroup Investments IOM have been an incredible mentor to Georgie assisting her with IT training, arranging fundraisers, printing of much needed cards and leaflets and giving general support to the Charity.



King William's College invited Georgie to talk about SKILS and Myerscough College to Years 7 & 8.  They very kindly donated the proceeds from their Christmas Fair to to the Charity.  A very healthy £270.  Thank you students!





One of the first donations SKILS received was from Sarah G who very kindly held a raffle to benefit the Charity.  Sarah injected the enthusiasm to kick start the charity.  I will always be grateful for her generosity.  We have come a long way since then!



Andy Turner of IOM Trike Tours very kindly took Vivienne, 90 and Marjorie, 101 of The Grest Home for a tour of the TT course.  They said they would only do it for charity.  They raised a magnificent £432!  Andy thinks he has broken the Guinness Book of Records for having highest age on the back of a trike!  


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